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The PSI brokerage division, with separate teams for sales and leasing, is the foundation of PSI; it creates a solid bridge between sellers and buyers or landlords and tenants. Being the most active real estate broker in Abu Dhabi, PSI maintains an open line of communication that is based on a dynamic client-agent relationship; we ensure to coordinate with all parties so that we maximize the benefits of stakeholders. Our brokerage team is supported by the listing team, marketing team, the call center and property management department. The distribution of responsibilities, followed by structured coordination, has allowed us to harvest fruitful results reflected by the figures achieved in the market.

Listing Team

The listing department is divided into two teams, a sales listing team and a leasing listing team. The listing agents are the advisors of sellers and landlords; they make sure to maximize the value of their clients’ properties and also list them with the highest level of confidentiality. The listing department is heavily influenced by the marketing team’s work, and therefore they always communicate to ensure promoting and offering properties in optimum means. The tremendous efforts of the listing team resulted in the highest inventory of property listings in Abu Dhabi.


The sales team is the advisor of buyers; they coordinate with the sales listing team and act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. This process helps clients navigate the complex nature of the property market; the agents intermediate the negotiation process, consult clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and all required documentation to ensure securing a fair and honest deal. Our sales team offers the best advice to clients to suit their financial position and protect their interests.


The leasing team is the advisor of tenants; they coordinate with the leasing listing team and act as an intermediary between the tenant and landlord. The leasing agents determine the needs, standards and economic viability of their customers, provide them with information on all the aspects of properties and negotiate leasing terms on behalf of the potential tenant.

The sales and leasing teams have dedicated agents for all the major areas in Abu Dhabi, in addition to a specialized team for the Dubai market. Each agent is an area expert, able to provide advice regarding the pros and cons of a community with complete details of the community facilities. The sales/leasing agent that is assigned to a property will make sure that all involved parties in a transaction are fully satisfied.

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Olive Building , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 2,071.4 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:77 AED
Waters Edge , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 452 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:111 AED
Waters Edge , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,068.15 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:103 AED
The Bridges , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 643.88 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:78 AED
The Bridges , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 643 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:73 AED
Mamsha Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,915 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:2,611 AED
Al Hadeel , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,516.7 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,170 AED
Waters Edge , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,485 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:84 AED
Ansam , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 4,198.71 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:786 AED
Al Hadeel , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 2,713 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,180 AED
Soho Square Residences , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,114.9 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:76 AED
Marina Bay , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 597 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,122 AED
Al Sana , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 899 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,090 AED
Al Barza , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 602 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:108 AED
Al Zeina , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 2,647 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,077 AED
Al Zeina , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,385.89 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,010 AED

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