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Property Maintenance

Our PSI maintenance customer will have access to accurate reports in a timely manner; our pro-active support team will inform him/her about the conditions of the property and provide all needed services

Preventive Maintenance

Our priority projects are preventive maintenance for public and private establishments. We believe that maintenance should be focused on solving problems before they occur.

General Maintenance

We provide and willing to undertake any kind of daily maintenance operations in a most cost effective, competitive and creative performance and results. Services provided include: handyman, renovation, painting services, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, pest control, landscaping, pool maintenance and civil works.

Snagging and Handover

Snagging is identifying internal and external defects that would not meet the standards of finishing bound by contract and agreed between the landlord and developer. Handover is the process of accepting the property from the developer after all client requirements are met. PSI will check the property for the landlord before receiving it from the developer, supply the landlord with a detailed Snagging report on the condition of the property which can be shared with the developer before final acceptance and confirm that the property is delivered as per the SPA schedule.



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