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Property Shop Investment always seeks new opportunities to satisfy all customer needs in a one-stop shop and add value to their transactions. Therefore, PSI has several corporate partnerships with major banks and diverse companies associated to real estate. The below services are offered in collaboration with major UAE businesses.

Mortgage Facilitation

PSI delivers customized financial solutions to our clients through the strong relationships built throughout time with major mortgage providers. PSI's advisory team guides investors and end-users on how they can benefit from exclusive financial solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Legal Advisory

PSI assists clients in finding solutions for legal problems with the help of UAE's leading legal firms in Abu Dhabi. Whether it be rent disputes, bounced checks or any other payment problem, we are committed to help you get all answers to your legal enquiries by delivering fair judgments.

Interior & Exterior Design

We provide original support for creating, transforming and improving the indoor and outdoor areas in clients' properties. PSI will help you through all stages of property design, from procurement and budget management to delivery and installation, whether it is residential or commercial property. By dealing with trusted designing companies, your interior and exterior living area will be a fantastic place to live in.

Moving Services

PSI takes care of all your relocation needs. We provide these services in association with the best moving services in the UAE. Whether you're moving down the street, across the country, or to a new home or business building, we're here to help ease your relocation stress. We make sure that the relocation is done smoothly and that your goods reach your destination securely and timely.

Home Furnishing

PSI has made furnishing your home easy and interesting. Offering an extensive selection of innovative accessories and furniture at very competitive prices, and with a commitment to maintaining the highest quality of after sales service, our selection of retailers and wholesalers will show people how to professionally create a home, thus ensuring that their living space is a true expression of themselves.


Property Shop Investment provides a wide range of security services by dealing with top security companies in Abu Dhabi and the region. This ensures providing the best service to our clients with the highest standards. Security services include: security guards, access control, advanced security systems and security management solutions.


Olive Building , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 2,071.4 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:77 AED
Waters Edge , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 452 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:111 AED
Waters Edge , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,068.15 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:103 AED
The Bridges , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 643.88 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:78 AED
The Bridges , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 643 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:73 AED
Mamsha Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,915 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:2,611 AED
Al Hadeel , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,516.7 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,170 AED
Waters Edge , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,485 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:84 AED
Ansam , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 4,198.71 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:786 AED
Al Hadeel , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 2,713 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,180 AED
Ansam , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,651.2 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:64 AED
Soho Square Residences , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,114.9 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:76 AED
Marina Bay , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,307 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:727 AED
Marina Bay , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 597 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,122 AED
Al Sana , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 899 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,090 AED
Al Barza , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 602 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:108 AED



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