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Best Company Real Estate in Abu Dhabi

Awards Ceremony

As a recognized and awarded full-service brokerage firm, Property Shop Investment is known not only for achieving all targets, but also for exceeding expectations. Aiming for the highest performance in our industry, PSI has been awarded "Number One Real Estate Broker" in Abu Dhabi numerous times. This is in addition to a variety of prestigious awards we continue to receive from prominent organizations in acknowledgement of our unparalleled services

The combination of vision, expertise, specialized teams, enthusiasm and transparency entitles PSI to set standards and positively influence Abu Dhabi’s real estate market.


  • Received an Appreciation Letter from the Sheikh's Office in May 2015 for renting out all residential & commercial units in Abu Dhabi Capital Plaza Complex
  • Awarded "The No.1 Real Eastate Broker" in Abu Dhabi by Property FInder numerous times from 2010 until today
  • Awarded "The Millennium Club Award " by Property Finder for the highest lead generation (22,151 leads) for the year 2013
  • Awarded "Highest Online Conversions in Abu Dhabi Q1 2016" by Property Finder (Fourth Place)
  • Awarded "Agency of the Month" by Bayut in May 2015

We were qualified to receive these awards due to our:

Quality of listing, High end Marketing, Reputation, High branding and Ackowledgement by the end user



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